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Havoc Studios June 2020 Newsletter

Havoc Studios

June 2020 Newsletter

Summer Sessions

Happy Summer! As we roll into the hottest (or coldest) time of the year, We have been taking advantage of extra free time by funneling all of our energy into development on Havoc Fox. With SAGE 2020 quickly approaching, the team has been hard at work to prepare for the next public demo!

Development Live-Streaming

Development, transparency, and community interaction are all vital components for our success. We haven’t been the best about all of this in the past, but that all changed starting this month. From now on, much of Havoc Fox’s development will be live-streamed to our YouTube channel!

Twice each week, development on Havoc Fox will be available to watch live on YouTube. On Sundays at 3 PM US Eastern Time, coding and programming with the lead developer will be streamed with live chat and commentary. The live streams typically last around three hours and showcase every facet of development that wouldn’t spoil the end experience.

On Fridays at 4 PM US Eastern Time, bug testing will be streamed by the studio’s co-lead (that’s me!). Test streams also clock in at three hours on average and focus heavily on recent additions and fixes to Havoc Fox. These streams are less intensive and feature commentary from both leads; drop by and ask whatever questions you may have for the team!

Stream times and dates are planned to remain on the schedule mentioned above, but the possibility of cancellation and adjustment exists. Any changes to these plans will be announced on our Twitter or in our Discord server. If you would like to be notified the instant a live-stream is available, feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel and enable notifications!

Current Development Update

This month, Havoc Fox has seen adjustments to the stage layouts of Aqua Rocket Base and Autumn Entropy.

Aqua Rocket Base is being overhauled in a similar manner to Moonlit Cove. Expanding upon last month’s changes to the theater and engine room, we have added additional challenges and obstacles. Replacing Yolanda’s mid-boss fight is a new battle with a giant claw machine. Grey is dropped into a pit of toys and dolls, angering the sentient claw as it reaches into the toy pit in search of weapons. Keep an eye on what it grabs and use them to your advantage!

In the engine room, the environment has evolved. Floral and fungal growths populate the lower areas while the garden has been redecorated. Kiiro, the boss of Aqua Rocket Base, makes a quick appearance before his fight to slow Grey down with his saw blade attacks. On top of everything else, large mushroom enemies will appear, trapping Grey until they are defeated.

Over in Autumn Entropy, a large structure has been added near the end of the stage. Venturing inside reveals dilapidated walls, eerie paintings, and a few ethereal beings that aren’t too happy to see visitors.

The evolution of these stages is only the beginning of what’s coming up in the next alpha demo. If you’d like to watch development progress as it unfolds, tune in to our weekly development streams on YouTube!

Community Spotlight: Nitrosparxx

In each edition of the Havoc Studios monthly newsletter, we will highlight the works and/or relations of a member from the community or studio. We are grateful for everyone within the community and would like to recognize those of you who help bring life to the community. Our June community spotlight features Nitrosparxx, one of our composers!

What brought you to Havoc Fox?

“Well, I joined after Dusky approached me about making a Cucumber Quest game, and wanting to use/remix the music I’ve made for the webcomic. So I got offered to join the Havoc Fox discord, and got exposed to the community and (of course) the game itself. It looked quite promising! And I am still to this day amazed by all the work that has been done on it, and how it continues to grow. So to summarize, I actually came on in from the outside, but I wanted to stay cause I love the game so far and the community here!”

How long have you been composing music? Have you composed for any other game projects?

“Oh jeez, well, if I had to hazard a guess, I want to say I’ve been making music for approximately thirteen or fourteen years now. I started in high school, and I’ve not stopped since! As for other projects, the one project I’m (probably) most known for is the Yume Nikki fangame, “Fleshchild” by Bleet Dev in 2013 ~ 2014. I’ve done other projects here and there. Mostly just one offs or commission work for people’s twitch channels and such.”

What do you like the most about the Havoc Studios community?

“I like how welcoming it is, and how tight the group is. There might be disagreements, but everything is handled maturely, and everyone has your back in the server. It’s quite nice to talk to others here. And to share creativity with one another. It’s just a very welcoming and friendly community in general!”

What songs have you worked on for Havoc Fox? Any personal favorites?

“I’ve currently worked on three tracks so far for Havoc Fox as well as some sound effects for one of the boss battles. I’ve done music for the Ethereal Express, one for the “Inconvenience Store”, and another one…well I’m not sure if I can talk about it, but it’s for a boss battle, ha ha!”

Anything else you’d like to add?

“Just wanna say that it’s been awesome being with this team and being around so much talent here. I look forward to seeing how far this game continues to grow and develop down the road!”

Give Nitro some love! Follow him on Twitter at @NitroMusix, check out his music, or come say hi to him on the Discord server!

That's all for now!

These next few months will be challenging, but we are committed to growing and improving our game! If you haven't already, be sure to follow us on Twitter @havocfoxgame. Join the conversation in the official Discord server: Support us on Patreon! Check out the original soundtrack and development live streams on our YouTube channel!

Thank you for reading the June edition of the Havoc Fox Newsletter. Stay safe, stay healthy, and we hope to see you again in July!

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