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Grey is the first playable character in the game and is the main character. He has a strong sense of justice but due to his lack of memory he tends to be a bit hesitant to lead a situation!

Voice Actor: Mark Stanislavov [Twitter]

--Past Roles: Rider (Splatoon Manga Dub), Captain Cuttlefish (The Agent 8 Experience)

-Venice is the second playable character! She’s very cheerful and optimistic, always willing and eager to lend a hand to Grey or take things on her own if needed. She hates being mistaken for a rabbit, being a “fearsome dragon” in reality. She hardly ever goes anywhere without her pet owl, Spooky!


Voice Actor: Elsie Lovelock [Twitter] [YouTube]

--Past Roles: Charlie (Singing voice, Hazbin Hotel), Marianne McCollough (The Letter)

Spooky is Venice's loyal pet owl, capable of using projectiles and carrying her to glide across large gaps. He's a little sarcastic, but cares about her and tends to be goofy in coordination with her jovial nature!


Voice Actor: Lizzie Freeman [Site] [Twitter]

Past Roles: Cardinal (Sword Art Online: Alicization), Lily (Dragalia Lost), Thrasir (Fire Emblem Heroes)

Atwa is a very headstrong mongoose and isn’t easily swayed from her beliefs. She prefers to work alone but can easily take charge of a group or situation if she’s allowed. Despite this, she won’t betray her side once she’s been won over.


Rani is Venice’s older brother, also a half rabbit/dragon, who works overseas on various tech. He is reserved and calm almost all of the time and is almost impossible to startle.

Voice Actor: John Wesley GO [site]

Fortuna is a teen who lives by herself in an abandoned weapons facility near Moonlit Cove. She’s very outgoing in nature, and doesn’t really let others get a word in without making decisions for them, dragging Grey into basically his entire quest in the first place, to his dismay.

Voice Actor: Kathy Pfautsch [site]

Past Roles: Valdia (Strikey Sisters), Gwen/Britta (Sword Legacy: Omen)

Kiiro is an admirer of Dyvex and follows him everywhere trying to impress him, albeit unsuccessfully. He’s easily startled and is almost constantly anxious, overly confident in Dyvex’s fighting ability. Dyvex, for some reason, hasn’t gotten him to go away yet…

Voice Actor: Michelle Marie [Twitter]

Past Roles: Nifty (Hazbin Hotel), Xasmine (Strikey Sisters), Quill, Luna (Crush Crush)

Wess is a teen enlisted by the king for her unique fighting abilities involving her three tails.. She’s very sassy and loves to taunt Grey and Venice. She can be extremely sneaky.

Voice Actor: April-Ann Tass [Youtube]

Jidrin is a cool and collected ice dragon with a tendency to take everything seriously. He is much taller than the rest of the sentries and doesn’t get along with any of them except for Catastrophe, barely.  

Voice Actor: Simon DLSea 

Dyvex is a very calm, almost scarily calm feline, and sort-of works together with his #1 fan, Kiiro. No one knows why he wears a mask. He has the ability to clone himself and manipulate small pre-existing dimensions.

Voice Actor: Xuan Vinh Huynh [Twitter] [YouTube]

Past Roles: Marth (Roy's Our Boy), Hira (Fictional Fights)

Ebony and Rubicelle are newscasters in the city of Cerice. Ebony is optimistic and stays very positive when reporting, acting as Ruby’s support, while Ruby tends to be more pessimistic and is quick to worry about the events she is reporting on. Both act as each other’s cover for the things they lack and together they make a valuable team.

Voice Actors: Elsie Lovelock/ Sam Leigh [YouTube]

Quinten is a spontaneous acting wolf, earning the status of being Havico’s least favorite yet most useful sentry. He loves to taunt the player and is very loyal to his boss, whomever it may be, unless he’s having an off day...He doesn’t get along with Dyvex, or surprisingly Wess, at all.

Voice Actor: Connor Ludovice [Twitter]

Past Roles: Michael Wiles (Planet Explorers), Gremor (Soul Hunters)

Nyx is the newest robotic addition to the sentry lineup but is the most manipulative and dangerous. He usually acts aloof and superior to anyone interacting with him.

Voice Actor: Robert Picka [Youtube]

Catastrophe (who doesn’t prefer that name, but doesn’t have another) is a cybernetically-enhanced cat who’s really the only sentry who isn’t completely on the king’s side.  She doesn’t show much emotion, and is very soft-spoken.


Voice Actor: Victoria Wong [Twitter]

--Past Roles: Silk (Marvel: Avengers Academy), Ginger (My Time at Portia)

Havico is the current leader of the continent of  Vanalia and is also trying to destroy it--after the death of his brother, he went into a deep depression, and was taken advantage of and controlled by Niobius. Havico is very aggressive, and extremely persistent. It’s difficult to shake him off.

Voice Actor: Brad Smith [Twitter] [YouTube]

Past Roles: Ali (Emara: Emirates Hero), Lucius Kohler (Planet Explorers)

Niobius is a demonic entity responsible for corrupting Havico. He hides in shadows, and feels no remorse. He only shows his face if the situation is dire, working through others.

Voice Actor: Nick Eriksen [Twitter]


V. A mysterious entity assisting Grey and Venice throughout their journey. Is she connected to Niobius...?

Voice Actor: Ashe Thurman [YouTube] [Twitter]

Past Roles: Nora (My Time at Portia), Tonya Friday (Infinite Adventures)

Lyle is a robotic rabbit whose origins are unknown. She appears in various places around Vanalia for the sole purpose of causing trouble, and seems to have a rivalry with Venice, the latter unaware of why. She hates losing and usually puts on an annoyed, slightly snobby demeanor.

Voice Actor: Reshel Mae Pascua [Twitter] [YouTube]

Zander is a laid back teenager working at the commercial tower in the city, Arial Tower. He prefers to stay out of the drama on the continent, but salary is salary. He might have sold Lyle a quesadilla.

Voice Actor: Richard Stamp [Twitter]

Bartleby is a shy school-age terrier and a section leader in Arial Tower's marching band, run by Gin. He is a favored student by the latter, and ends up roped into situations he'd rather not be a part of. Regardless, he's trying his best.

Voice Actor: Connor Bushoven


Gin the cat is an uppity, fearless fellow. He takes interest in any position of authority, thus, he is in several leadership positions throughout the city and Arial Tower, while also hiring out workers for various services he needs, such as a certain rabbit to chase down Venice.. He runs the local marching band (although that is a loose term) and works as an announcer for the news station alongside Ebony and Ruby. The only person who can keep him from getting into trouble is his secretary, Camille.

Voice Actor: Reece Bridger [site]


Camille is a shy, reserved cocker spaniel employed as Gin's secretary. She is the only one who can keep him under control, and despite her small size and timid personality, she is a capable bodyguard.

Voice Actor: Currently N/A


Cascade is an enigmatic cyber-deer in charge of directing Grey and Venice inside Havoc Fox's tutorials! While she is not involved in the story, she does just fine in her own little world, with just the right amount of snark.

Voice Actor: Marion Toro [Twitter]

Past Roles: Kyra (Way of the Sinner), Terra Cotta/Nadel Pierce (Emergency! Monster Team), Mimi Tortellini (The Adventures of Prada Enchilada)


Foss is the main character of the game Macaron Magic, one of Fortuna's favorite games. She's extremely energetic and heroic, and will stop at nothing to save the day, unless it's going to get her friends hurt. She extends the same courtesy even if you're not from her world!

Voice Actor: Dawn M. Bennett [Twitter]

Past Roles: Sash Lilac (Freedom Planet/Freedom Planet 2), Tae Yamada (Zombieland Saga), Kale (Dragon Ball Super)


Kurakka is the main villain of the game Macaron Magic, one of Fortuna's favorite games. He's very dominating, and loves to taunt his foes. His main hobby is stealing things even if they don't provide him any benefit - and he'll jump at any opportunity for more power.

Voice Actor: Elliot Law ("MegaGWolf") [YouTube] [Twitter]

Past Roles: N/A