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Havoc Fox is a 2D action platformer inspired by games such as Freedom Planet and Megaman ZX. In this fast-paced adventure, utilize quick movement and combat reflexes to battle your way through king Havico's sentries. Havoc Fox features a campaign for each of its protagonists: Grey, the determined energy-wielding fox, and Venice, the agile rabbit-dragon. Gain new abilities, battle fearsome opponents, and meet unlikely allies as the story progresses. With the help of a mysterious stranger, fight to save the continent of Vanalia!

The king's royal guards don't take lightly to rebellion. Each sentry has a unique fighting style which requires quick thinking and careful planning. Come prepared for a fight!

Play through the story's two campaigns, complete with fully voiced cutscenes and gameplay segments. Revisit any completed stage to check for any secrets or bonuses you may have missed on your first run! Vanalia contains many hidden stories and battles.

Havoc Fox has been in development since early 2017, with 2021 marking its fourth year of development. As the team expands, the game gets closer to release. Any support helps -- we all thank you for checking out our game!


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