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Havoc Studios January 2020 Newsletter

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Havoc Studios

January Newsletter

The Dawn of a New Decade

Happy New Year! 2020 is in full swing, and with the holiday craze dying down, we are ready to dive back into development on Havoc Fox. We have plenty of goals for the year, including the completion of three new stages, setting up a Kickstarter campaign, and bringing Havoc Fox to conventions (starting with Kami Con in Birmingham, AL)! Keep in mind that these are mere goals; nothing is planned at the moment, but we would love to reach these before the year is out. Keep an eye on the Havoc Fox Twitter and this monthly newsletter for more information.

Ethereal Express: A Preview

To kick off the new year, we are treating you all to a preview of the next stage in Grey’s campaign: Ethereal Express. After Grey and Fortuna escape the Macaron Magic arcade cabinet (Retro Ravine), they appear on an old, ghostly train without a clue as to where they are. Thankfully, the train’s occupants agree to show them the way: the pop star, Wess (right), and her butler, Ulysses (left).

Wess is a young pop star. All the fame, glory, and backlash that her musical career has generated shaped this singer into a cunning, resourceful fighter when the stage microphone is not present. Ulysses, Wess’ loyal butler, is faithfully by her side at all times. Born into a rich family, Ulysses’ let other ambitions get the best of him, causing the once-privileged man to live as a servant. These two strangers stick with each other throughout the stage, occasionally butting into Grey’s adventure as their true intentions slowly come to light.

Ethereal Express itself is presented as a train resembling a show trailer. The stage has a ghostly disco vibe on a train that seems to run aimlessly with no end to the tracks in sight. Progressing through the stage brings Grey back to Wess and Ulysses at various points whom are running various entertainment shows within the rail cars. Did the performer and her butler truthfully show Grey the way out? Or do the pair intend to make a permanent addition to their traveling show? Find out for yourself when Ethereal Express is complete and available!

Current Development Update

Havoc Fox is currently undergoing revisions of older stages this month; with graphical updates out of the way, our focus has shifted to stage layouts. Miracle City kicks off this wave of stage changes!

As you can see above, access to the stage’s subway system has been replaced with a populated office building. Busy workers are interrupted as Venice darts past, but even they aren’t safe from aspects of the robot invasion. Our current plans are to double Miracle City in length from its previous rendition, revamp the fight with Antarc and her biker gang, and adjust the layout of the train segment leading up to the boss fight with Lyle at the end of the stage.

More graphical updates are on the way as well! Venice, Grey, and Spooky have all received updated animations and the background for Aqua Rocket Base has been given a complete makeover.

Both Venice’s idle and running animations have been redesigned, Grey’s run cycle has been cleaned up, and Spooky has received a complete change in design and motion. The primary underwater backdrop for Aqua Rocket Base has changed from its previously clean form to a more dilapidated underwater landscape, giving the base’s exterior a ruined appearance. Additionally, a selection of enemies now break apart when defeated as opposed to disappearing in a puff of smoke.

As the year goes on, Havoc Fox will continue to evolve in preparation of future test demos and its eventual Kickstarter campaign. Keep an eye on the monthly newsletters in the future to watch this game grow!

Community Spotlight: Event

Each month, we set aside a portion of our newsletter to recognize a member of the community. For the month of January, we’re showcasing Event Horizon, a Patreon patron and active member of the Havoc Studios Discord server!

Event is a fairly new member of the community, discovering Havoc Fox through its appearance at SAGE 2019. In particular, they were attracted to the game’s stylistic similarities to the game Freedom Planet, as well as the charm of its characters, particularly Venice. FrostedUmbreon contributes to the Havoc Studios community with both conversation and criticism; the ability to offer critique to Havoc Fox, whether we agree or disagree with their opinions, and have those words heard and considered is what keeps them happy within the community. Overall, FrostedUmbreon is happy to be part of a lively community full of friendly people with a passion for independent game development.

Stop on by the Havoc Studios Discord server and give Event some love! Additionally, you can find them on Twitter @EventHorizonUwU.

That's all for now!

2020 is starting off strong! We are working very hard on Havoc Fox and cannot wait to show what’s in store for this year. If you haven't already, be sure to follow us on Twitter @havocfoxgame. Join the conversation and wreak havoc in the official Discord server:

Thank you for reading the January edition of the Havoc Studios Newsletter. We hope to see you again in February!

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